Lorraine Bowen’s Polyester Fiesta! celebrates REUSE, REWEAR and RECYCLING retro fashion in an original, comedy, dance and crimpelene catwalk-cabaret show.

Lorraine Bowen has an enormous collection of original outfits from the beginnings of the man-made fibre years of the 1960s to the 1980s.

2021 is polyester’s 80th year on the planet!  BOOK Polyester Fiesta NOW!

Polyester was invented in 1941 in Manchester, UK by two scientists – John Rex Whinfield and J.T. Dickson!

The wonder invention of its day transformed people’s lives and after much development in the 1950s and 60s, revolutionised clothing.

Polyester outfits were cheap and easier to wear, bright clothes adorned the pavements and the Swinging Sixties and flower power 70s could not have happened without a bit of glaringly cheesy polyester!

Lorraine Bowen’s Polyester Fiesta! show parades the cheese with pride! The show is all kitsch and wondrous – celebrating the hilarious fabrics and outfits that were made between the late 1950s and 1980s.

Ultimately delighting and entertaining those wanting to recycle and rewear retro outfits to save the planet!

Lorraine has collected these original polyester outfits all her life and has one of the biggest collections in the UK.

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Lorraine Bowen’s Polyester Fiesta! show in 3 different formats:

    • 2 hour show – with interval and audience catwalk competition

    • 75 minute show – all through with catwalk competition

  • ‘Vignette’ show – 12-15 minute thematic fashion shows

The show is excellent as an evening’s entertainment, part of an event, party or festival.  It never fails to delight and charm.

Polyester Fiesta! has starred at:-

BBC1’s The One Show

ITV’s Meridian News

Brighton Fringe Festival – Spiegel Tent

Greenwhich & Docklands International Festival

White Nights Festival – Brighton main library

Glasgay at The Tron Theatre – Glasgow

Battersea Barge – London

RVT Fringe Festival at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern

John Lewis Headquarters – London

Brighton Fringe Festival – St Michael’s Church

Outset Festival at The Brewhouse Theatre – Taunton

Lost Theatre – London

Komedia – Brighton

Hemmingway’s Vintage Festival – The South Bank

Colchester Comedy Festival – Colchester Arts Centre

Big Top Trinity Arts Festival  – Tunbridge Wells

Vintage Festival – Brighton

Hurstpierpont Festival – East Sussex

Mind Out for Laughs Cabaret – Brighton


Polyester Fiesta! doesn’t always need a raised catwalk – just a stage area, floor space, some chairs, lights and PA as seen here Brighton Library!

The team are well prepared to improvise with your space but some type of catwalk area is always preferable!  Do contact me have a chat about your requirements.



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More Polyester Fiesta! show photos

The first collection of photos were taken by Simon Burgess at the Fringe City event in Brighton.  The second collection is by photographer, Step Haiselden at the Brighton Fringe Festival at St Michaels’s Church and on the Battersea Barge and there are some photos by Melita Dennett at the White Nights Festival in Brighton Library.  Many thanks to these great photographers for capturing the polyester so well!