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Personalised singing/playing
Video Message
from Lorraine
for birthdays, weddings etc


Let me know who the video is for and what the occasion is.



Lorraine gets lots of requests for personalised video messages so has a special section for this on her website.

Requests for the Crumble Song, songs from her repertoire and sometimes Happy Birthday!

Maybe you have a friend, family member or colleague at work who would enjoy a CRUMBLE-TASTIC surprise!

Lorraine performs a special bespoke video (depending what you ask for on the form).

She’ll sing a medley of songs and make it bespoke and personal.

She’ll film the video and send it to you via WeTransfer which you can then send on.

The file is yours to keep and treasure for always!  The form is hopefully straightforward and easy to fill in.

Here’s an example of the type of video message performance…friends requested the ‘Fish Fingers’ song…. and the reaction of a very special birthday boy!

Additional information

Video requirements

Tell me what you need in your message. Be sure to include all the names and the occasion! Anything else you think might be relevant!