ANNOUNCING my latest audio CD and Book, ‘The Crumble Lady‘ – OUT NOW.  For kids aged 6 to 106.

My book follows The Crumble Lady on loads of fun adventures. The CD, all upbeat, catchy tunes to sing along to in the car, at home or walking the dog!

The Crumble Lady KIDS CD (2016) – Autographed!
The Crumble Lady KIDS CD (2016) – Autographed!
Check out my fabulous new CD "The Crumble Lady" written to accompany my new children's book! I'll send you a signed postcard when you purchase any of my fabulous CDs!!  Just let me know who to sign it to (or I'll sign it to you!).
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Here is the track listing

1   The Crumble Lady Theme

2   Write A Song

3   Off on My Bike

4   Lack of Plaque Rap

5   Reggaeton Crumble Song (feat Darrison)

6   Crumble Song (KIDS ORCHESTRA version) [Bonus Track] [Live]

7   Catfood Crumble Dance

8   Measuring Song

9   Life is Like A Crumble

10   Shake Your Maracas

11   Happy Birthday

12   Polyester Song

13   Crumble for your Mum

14   Chelsea Bun Song

15   The Crumble Lady Outro

The CD has a little space I can write a dedication and sign it!  Do let me know who I should sign the CD to on the order form.

A personalised touch you won’t get from other popstars!