The Spirit of Gravity

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Thursday 5th July

8-10:30 PM

The Green Door Store, Undercroft,
Brighton Train Station, Brighton BN14FQ

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Tear open your head and cram the burning sounds of SoG into the very cortex of your skull

A trio: transmissions shouting in from the ethers (Chemlab, Himmel, Meshmass)

midi error
maxmsp. Live sysex and FM synths

Lorraine Bowen
Brighton’s queen of the Casio

Lorraine Bowen has played with more good acts than you’ve seen, been on more telly than you’ve ever watched, owns more Casio keyboards than you knew existed and taught the best singer you know how to do it. We’ve been after her to play at SoG for a Very Long Time and are really chuffed that she’s finally agreed.

midierror experiments by performing electronic music using maxmsp. Live sysex and FM synths guaranteed. midierror will perform something using maxmsp firing sysex commands at SOG. Details are scarce, all we know is there will be FM synths! This will be a gloves off performance!

Ultraterrestrials is locust shrill and fly huzz, child shout and the distant huss of cars out on the highway, riot sirens howling as warm Russian transistor tubes capture glowing waves of burbling broadcast voices, transmissions shouting in from the ethers, kettle whistle cycles up to static-scream, telephones, opera house, favorite melody, a single backwards masking kiss, orgasmic screaming moan to cheek-slap and a gunshot. I hear the rhythm of drums.
Richard Miles – Meshmass, Himmel.
Tom Mugridge – Himmel
Jared Louche – Chemlab, Prude

“the spirit of gravity: making experimental music a threat again – since 2012”