Bredoom Lullaby (Private Party)

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Friday 22nd March

A secret location in Brighton

Lorraine’s BEDROOM LULLABY bed party gets an airing at a private party!

Lorraine brings her lullabies, hot cocoa, lampshade man and song sheets for a quiet night in type of birthday party!  This show was a hit at the Brighton Fringe many years ago, someone remembered it and booked Lorraine for this party night!

BEDROOM LULLABY is perfect for a birthday or celebration party where the guests don’t want a boozy night out but a sleepy boozy night in with their slippers and brushed nylon pyjamas!

At the end of the night, Lorraine slips away with the guests wondering… was it all a dream?

Why not book Lorraine for your own Bedroom Lullaby Party!! Click here!